Council of the Evangelical Christian Baptist Congregations

“For this is the will of God, even your sanctification” (1 Thess. 4:3)

This book originates with the Evangelical Baptist Brotherhood in Russia

English translation published by
VOICE OF HOPE MISSION (Friedensstimme)
Vancouver, BC Canada

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An Appeal

Regarding Holiness and Sanctification

General Definitions
The Process of Sanctification
The Purpose of Sanctification
What Has God Prepared for our Sanctification? What Must be Done in Order to Use the Blessed Gifts for our Sanctification?
The Necessity for Sanctification

Regarding Purification

How Did Purification Manifest Itself in the OT?
How Does Purification Manifest Itself in the NT?

Regarding Repentance

Before Whom Must We Repent?
The Sequence of Repentance
The Rules for Admonishing a Sinner
Consequences of False Repentance and Refusal to Repent of Sin
Consequences of Unwillingness to Confess Sins
Consequences of Not Showing Remorse for Sin
Even if it is Confessed
Correction and Excommunication in the Congregation
Regarding Discipline
Regulations on Excommunication
Our Behaviour Toward One Who Has Been Excommunicated
Warning to Those Who Fellowship With the Excommunicated

A Reminder

What We Must do so That the Lord May
Accomplish His Purification
Among His People
A Letter From the Servants of the Congregations of the ECB

Regarding the Directions for the Fulfilment of Sanctification

Explanation of Sins

Sins of Unfaithfulness to the Lord
Fleshly Sins
Sins of Hypocrisy, Deceit
Verbal Sins
Thefts, Murders, Betrayals
Sins of Indecency
Sins of Idolatry
Sins of Impropriety
Sins Against the Commandment of Chastity Detestable Perversions
Sins of Witchcraft and Sorcery
Sins Committed by Believers

Church Constitution of one Congregation of the Evangelical Baptists