This is an unofficial site of the Russian Baptists. Here you can find information about our history, theology, doctrine and the defense of Christianity, as well as various books by the Russian authors. Much more materials in English language will be published here very soon!

The contents:

“Nicene-Constantinopole Creed”

“Our Seven Baptist Distinctives”

“The Statement of Faith of The Evangelical Christian-Baptists”

“Regarding Sanctification” (Council of the ECB Congregations)

"Evangelical Christians-Baptists in Russia"

“Once Saved — always saved?” (G. Avramenko)

“Vasilii Gurevich Pavlov and the early years of the Baptist World Alliance” (V. Popov)

“God in the Gulag” (Life Behind Soviet Barbed Wire as It Was for Pastor Peter Rumachik)

“I Believe in Immortality” (Nikolay Y. Boyko)

“Pacifism and Biblical Nonresistance”

“A Woman's Headcovering Is it Really for Today?”

“I use tongues more than you do”

“The Great Bliss” (N. G. Baturin)

“The Highest Appreciation” (G. K. Kryuchkov)

“Will There Be a Russian Invasion of Israel?” (Thomas Williamson)

“Do not make obstacles” (O. A. K.)

“In Light of the Scriptures” (G. Dobrovolskiy)

“Blood of the Enemy” (K. Prokhorov)

“Reformation Georgian Style: or Becoming Relevant to the National Culture” (Livan Ahalmosulishvili)

“Thoughts Regarding the Struggle in Ukraine” (William Yoder)

Songs Russian Baptist Group "Stranniki” (mp3 in WinZip)

More Then Conquerors (Film about Russian Baptists in USSR, 1984)

Books About Slavic Christians (PDF)

Michael Shchukin (Russian Baptists songs in mp3)

“Do You Love God?” (comics by I. Kolgarev)

Guest Book of Site Russian Baptist

Brotherhood of Independent churches of Evangelical Christian Baptists (Russia)

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